Autumn conscription in questions and answers

 Autumn conscription in questions and answersAlina KleschenkoFrom 1 October 2013 launched the autumn conscription, which will last until December 31. Who by law is subject to appeal, who is entitled to exemption or deferment from the army, and which way does the recruit from the recruiting office to the military unitSomeone will call in the army?The Constitution States that the protection of the Motherland is the duty and obligation of the citizen of Russia. Called up for military service by law shall be subject to boys and men aged from 18 to 27 years, are not being in stock. They have one year to serve in the Armed Forces, border authorities or in the internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs.Who is entitled to exemption from military service?According to the law "On military duty and military service", are exempt from conscription citizens found not fit or partially fit for military service for health reasons.Can't be called women, but also young people who, in fact, already is serving or has served, had performed alternative civilian service or service in the armed forces of another state.In addition, eligible for exemption are those who have a degree or have a son or a brother conscripts killed in the performance of duties of military service or military training.Also called those who constantly live outside of Russia, is under investigation in the Russian Federation, has an unexpunged or outstanding conviction or serving a sentence.Who can get a deferral?Delay can those who are raising a child without a mother, with two or more children, disabled children aged up to three years or a pregnant wife. Temporarily unfit for service for health reasons are deferred for one year.Also to defer eligible those who provides constant care for his parents, wife, brothers, sisters, grandfather or grandmother, if they are not on full state support for health care need and there is no one else to take care of them.Tolerance for the school to receive full-time students and graduate students. High school graduates have the right to defer the deadline is October 1 after school. Читать полностью -->

Ex-President Viktor Yushchenko: Already on the Maidan, I realized we find ourselves in a great national trouble

 Ex-President Viktor Yushchenko: Already on the Maidan, I realized  we find ourselves in a great national troubleYushchenko also has left from the direct answer to the question, forbade him the leaders of the Maidan to take part in it.The question is not whether that was allowed or not allowed. I was well aware that in the political circle of leaders who are there, living another project, parallel to the political action that takes place on the square. When I became a witness of mimicry, as seemed to be absolutely magnificent, healthy requirements smart youth overlap short-term transformation of power, I realized that we are in a great national misfortune, " said the former President.He also said that he came to the Maidan, and the members of his family are also reflected in many photos from those events. . . . Читать полностью -->

In Russia, creating a single investigative body similar to the American FBI

 In Russia, creating a single investigative body similar to the American FBIIn Russia for several years, you may receive a single investigative bodyLong-running talks about the intention to create in Russia a single investigative body, such things Russian FBI, in the coming months can attain legal force. The corresponding presidential decree may be signed in late may - early June, announced to employees of the Investigative Department (DM) the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The basic structure for a single investigation will be Investigating Committee, which will gradually begin to transfer SD the Ministry of internal Affairs, Federal drug control service (FSKN) and partly by the FSB. It is assumed that a single body finalised and will be fully operational with either 2016 or 2017: just prior to the current may need to determine the date.The advances in this field have learned Rosbalt from the source in law enforcement bodies. According to him, the leadership of the BOD of the Ministry of interior received information about the impending decree from the presidential administration. It is noteworthy that a week ago, Vladimir Putin has sent in resignation of the head of the Investigation Department and concurrently the Deputy interior Minister Yuriy Alekseyev. Читать полностью -->

The wave of counterfeits made the leading banks of Russia to suspend the reception of the five thousandth bills

 The wave of counterfeits made the leading banks of Russia to suspend the reception of the five thousandth billsBanks stopped accepting five-thousandth banknotesAlexander ARKHIREEVAATMs of Sberbank and VTB have stopped receiving the five thousandth bills. This measure, as explained by the staff of the banks, due to the frequent occurrence of the counterfeit notes are of high quality. To stop the invasion of counterfeit Bank notes, the banks will need some time to change "deceived" software. In the savings Bank "OR" specified, all bills of a different quality are accepted without any restrictions, but on the resumption of operations with banknotes in denominations of five thousand customers of this financial institution will be notified additionally. The situation is similar in VTB ATMs, which deny large banknotes not only in the capital but also in the suburbs.According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, five-thousandth banknotes were the leaders in the number of fakes in the fourth quarter of last year, then there were more than 12 thousand copies. On second place came the thousand rouble banknotes в the number was 11 244 pieces. Читать полностью -->

Russians consider bribery 92% of civil servants and more than 80% of police officers and judges

 Russians consider bribery 92% of civil servants and more than 80% of police officers and judgesDaria KozhanovInternational non-governmental organization Transparency International presented the results of research "the global corruption Barometer 2013" survey of 114 thousand people from 107 countries.In Russia 50% of respondents believe that the level of corruption in the country over the past two years increased, while 37% believe it has increased "significantly", although, according to 39% of respondents, corruption in the country remained at the same level. Ineffective government action in the fight against corruption called by 77% of respondents.Data for Russia are as follows: the most corrupt, according to the Russians, the sector of civil servants (92%). In second place в reformed police (89%), followed by the judiciary (84%) and the legislature (83%) and political parties (77%). Last year in the corruption perception Index (CPI), Russia ranked 133 out of 176 possible, standing in line with the most corrupt countries in the world.At the same time, the sector "non-profit organizations, unlike entrepreneurs, is regarded by Russians as clean enough. More confidence only to religious organizations в a third of respondents believed that corruption is absent or very low", в stated in the message.Record levels of corruption around the world is stored in the poorest countries of Africa. The highest numbers were in Sierra Leone, where 84% of respondents confessed to bribery and other countries on the list в it also States South of the Sahara. Читать полностью -->

Rats are panicking and running first

 Rats are panicking and running firstThe Russian elite grab the bucks and now the crowds are leaving RussiaMathias OhanianDespite, and maybe because of the annexation of Crimea to Russia wide layers of the Russian population support of Vladimir Putin. However, the Russian elite seems to think differently: many go abroad and do it as soon as possible.The case, according to the economic portal Business Insider, comes even before that rich Russians employ historians-genealogists to search in the family history foreign roots, which could serve as the basis for obtaining foreign citizenship. First of all, these are people who earned a lot of money and now I'm afraid to lose them, " says Moscow genealogist Vladimir Paley.According to the teacher of Russian literature and singer Tatyana Ridge, more and more people, mainly from minorities, do not agree with Putin's course. I certainly do not share the opinion of 90% of Russians, but I feel more in Russia a foreigner, " says the woman, intending to emigrate to Georgia.In total for last year, according to official reports Business Insider, left Russia more than 186 thousand people. Thus in 2012, leaving the country was 123 thousand, while in 2011 and 2010 by 37 and 34 thousand, respectively. Experts, in turn, suggest that the real figures are even higher. Читать полностью -->

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